Já pensou se os jogos de vídeo game fossem inspirados em obras literárias? Pois artistas gráficos como A J Hateley e  Olly Moss pensou. Decidiram então fazer umas capas de obras que não existem, cada um ao seu estilo. Muito legal! Você consegue reconhecer que jogos são?

Day Three - An Underrated ClassicDeadly Premonition - XBOX 360Rarely  does a game so thoroughly divide critics. Reviews swung wildly from  2/10 to potential game of the year. What Deadly Premonition lacked  visually it compensated for by having one of the most engaging,  stimulating, and ultimately harrowing story lines in gaming history. Fans of Twin Peaks will see immediately the references, and Deadly Premonition holds a similar cult status amongst its fans.I  chose it because it Francis York Morgan is one of the best  characterisations I’ve ever seen realised in a game. Isn’t that right,  Zach?    Day 11 - A Game Everyone Should Play Metal Gear Solid (Dr. Naomi Hunter’s account of the events of Shadow Moses Island, as featured in MGS2.) Part of 30 Days of Videogames by A.J. Hateley You can see the rest of the series here: 30 Days of Videogames



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